Android Wallpaper


APUS Launcher  v.1.9.11

APUS Launcher is worlds smallest & fastest Android Launcher. It can boost phone faster, manage apps, customize, personalize your phone with tons of HD wallpaper & themes, categorize and manage apps, find trending apps, hot news and games, etc.

Android Live Wallpaper Creator Free  v.1.1

Create Live Wallpapers to Any Android Powered device from animated gif files to apk install files in seconds check out the video tutorials.


Pitch Black Wallpaper  v.2.0.1

Set a pitch black wallpaper on your Android smartphone or tablet. Make your device look sleek and mysterious, improve battery life, free up some valuable memory, and reduce eyestrain. Just tap a button: Congratulations! It's a Black Wallpaper!

RGB Wallpaper  v.1.0

It's time to mix red, green, and blue, and create your own beautiful and unique color wallpaper on your Android smartphone or tablet! (You can also try RGB Wallpaper for color therapy, or as a fun tool to play with the kids and teach them colors.)

Goldfish Aquarium Live Wallpaper  v.1.0

Goldfish Aquarium Live Wallpaper is a free live wallpaper for android that simulates goldfish swimming in an aquarium.

Wallpaper: Bouquet

Wallpaper. Title: Bouquet. An attractive, nubile, young lady. Maybe an android. With artificial eyes, and natural blonde hair. Soft, young teeth. Looks out, beckoning in. A bouquet of flowers. Natural Moire interference patterns, bring

Wallpaperio Android Maker  v.3.0

This program is a free wallpaper maker that creates wallpapers from pictures and photos so you can personalize your Android.

Repair Android  v.

Visit and download Repair Android software to retrieve zip files, images folder, video/audio songs clips lost from different android devices instantly.

Android Picture Recovery Software  v.

Download and install Android Picture Recovery Software from company website to recover entire file and document from logically corrupted or damage android device.

Android Photo Undelete  v.

Trouble free option to salvage lost digital images from your android mobiles!

Android Data Undelete  v.

Buy trial version of Android Data Undelete program from trusted website which is highly beneficial tool for business organization to get back their missing images.

Wallpaper Clock

Multifunctional clock & wallpaper slide show & calendar on your desktop. You can select talking clock or musical clock or striking clock mode. Alarm-clock and Flash games monitor are included. You can use your own images, melodies and

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